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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

– Socrates

Double Decker Bus

Technology, design and marketing all under one roof.

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Our Brands

A creative multimedia agency with a focus on delivering high impact campaigns since 2013. From TV & radio to direct mail and web, The Hatch blends design and technology to create a buzz around brands big and small. Visit The Hatch.

Ecommerce portal for wholesale, distribution, export and manufacturing. Indimand was created because retail ecommerce platforms simply don’t fit the distributor use-case. Are you Indimand?

13 years established in digital marketing and website development, MonkeyFish is all about results. If you like tangible, data driven marketing – you’ll love MonkeyFish

Intelligent software solutions for warehousing, spanning warehouse management, controls, ERP, CRM and more. If there’s a SKU, there’s a way with Skuup.

An advanced Industry 4.0 platform capable of processing millions of data points. With real-time processing powers, multi parameter charting, and rapid report generation, Monalitica lets you monitor anything, anywhere.

Enter the Blockchain with Web3dom. Offering bespoke Web3 development and toolkits for the cryptocurrency revolution including Smart Contracts, NFT Platforms, Stake Pools and more.